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Transport and forwarding


International forwarder

For a long time, he has had a career as an international freight forwarder, which gives him a lot of fun.

He is of the opinion that professionalism as well as interest in customer needs is the basis.

Thanks to reliability and continuous improvement, he realizes what a premium brand is.

During a break from work, he is an enthusiast of active travel around the world that gives him new incentives and broaden his horizons.


ISO - International Organization for Standardization

ISO - the International Organization for Standardization, is a global non-governmental organization based in Geneva (Switzerland). It defines standards for products, services and management systems that play a pivotal role in facilitating foreign trade and international cooperation
(T. Borys, P. Rogala, 2020).

Full truckload transport, LCL and FCL containers

In the field of full truckload transport, we provide services for the transport of goods, less than truckload and full truckload transport in all directions [all EUROPEAN countries], transit shipments to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe [CIS countries and RUSSIA], transit transport between all European countries, mainly EU, as well as IMPORT and EXPORT from/to POLAND


Logistics manager

A graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology. In the company for 4 years, in his personal life, passionate about motorization and enthusiastic snowboarder.

His specialty is transport of agricultural machinery - he adheres to the principle that there is no such cargo that cannot be transported.

His life motto is: ‘As long as you fight, you are the winner’ and according to this maxim, he strives to carry out all the tasks entrusted to him.



Finance specialist

Extensive, many years of experience in the banking industry.

In her personal life, an active mother, psychologist, books and music enthusiast.

Our mission

Our values and mission

As transport and forwarding company 3M TRANS , we believe that success is driven by overarching values. The most important of them are:

  • maximum optimisation of the prices without affecting the quality
  • timeliness
  • commitment irrespective of the scale of the undertaking
  • openness and flexibility
  • deploying the latest technological solutions in the process of transport organisation, including optimisation of the shipping costs
  • visionary in terms of solving potential and actual problems
  • proactivity and continuous expansion of knowledge and professional competencies
  • ability to rest and comply with the working time provisions


Relationships with people build both internal and external environment of the company, and influence the dynamics of changes and development. This direct trust towards your forwarder creates a sense of calmness and confidence after completing an order.


Head of the Administration and Finance Department

An accountant with many years of experience. Three-time Central European Champion in ballroom dancing. University-level education

In her personal life: fishing enthusiast.



Semi-trailers with twice the capacity - 66 instead of 33 pallets.

Semi-trailers with twice the capacity - 66 instead of 33 pallets. This was achieved with a simple patent!

3M Trans
August 16, 2021


Przewoźnik uzyskał 80 000 zł odsetek za nieterminowe faktury.

Branża transportowa, choć bardzo rozwojowa boryka się z dużymi problemami z terminową płatnością za prawidłowo wykonane usługi. Ustawa o przeciwdziałaniu nadmiernym opóźnieniom w transakcjach handlowych daje możliwość zdyscyplinowania zleceniodawców, którzy nie płacą w terminie. Niestety przewoźnicy rzadko korzystają z tych możliwości, a przedstawiony poniżej konkretny przykład firmy transportowej ze Śląska pokazuje, że warto korzystać z nowoczesnych rozwiązań prawnych. 


Co ma wpływ na sprawną logistykę?

Efektywna logistyka to planowanie. Polega na zaopatrzeniu się w towary, magazynach i dostawie produktów do miejsca docelowego. Celem planowania jest uzyskanie maksymalnej pracy w jak najkrótszym czasie, a także dążenie do maksymalizacji zysków. Dobry kierownik ds. logistyki zadba zatem o planowanie z dużym wyprzedzeniem, aby wyeliminować wszelkie opóźnienia w łańcuchu dostaw. Więcej...


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